I Buy Bunny Tail Butt Plugs to Spice Things Up

I and my partner had been missing the spice in our bedroom for a while. We have been into anal play for a year and have always enjoyed our adventurous sessions but there was something missing toward the end of the year and we never realized what. This was until we stumbled upon bunny tail butt plugs that transformed our lives completely. We had only heard of these exotic sex toys but when we had a chance to explore them, we were left wondering why we had not tried them earlier.

Why Buy A Bunny Tail Butt Plug?

While I have the option of buying other sex toys, I buy bunny tail plugs to spice up our bedroom scenes. A couple of months back, we bought a glass butt plug that was decorated with a fat and fluffy bunny tail and it perfectly complemented my bunny girl costume.

While shopping for these, I came across this adorable butt plug and the first thing that came to my mind was how it would suit my role play. No bunny girl costume is ever complete without a fluffy tail.

A Typical Bunny Butt Plug

If you want peace of mind, buying a bunny butt plug made of toughened glass is the best idea. This ensures complete safety and also looks good at the same time. Buy a butt plug that does not measure more than 3 inches, to begin with. This is because it will take you some time to get accustomed to the idea of using a butt plug and till then using a smaller butt plug is a good idea.

I always buy bunny butt plugs with flared bases because not only is it easier to use but also safer since it will not travel into your anal canal. If you need variations of the bunny butt plug, you can see more at Love Plugs.

Top Lighting Trends

Wouldn’t you love to buy modern lights for your beautifully decorated home? For that, you will certainly need to have an idea of what the latest trends in lighting are. Every year witnesses a new trend in lighting fixtures and so has this year. The new style of lighting involves a whole lot of chunky and large lighting fixtures and also a few understated pieces that look small but light up huge areas at the same time. Listed below are some of the Top Lighting Trends of 2018.

  1. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are popular because of their versatility. You can fix them in your bedrooms, living areas, and dining rooms and also in your kitchen. When you go shopping for pendant lights, try looking for the ones that can dimmed as per convenience. These kind of lights add charm to your living area while also maintaining a softer and classier look without going overboard.

  1. Modern Retro Lighting

Retro is definitely making a big comeback. Industrial designs with rustic colours and prominence of metallic designs are doing the rounds lately. However, these metallic designs are sharper and sleeker in appearance and have varied tones. When you go shopping for retro fixtures, you will see the difference in the form of finer details that give them the appearance of modern art.

  1. More LEDs

The new love of the season is the love for LED lights. These are way more efficient and have a wide variety of styles that normal bulbs lack. There are a number of shapes, sizes, types and colours of these lamps that could instantly brighten up your home.

For these latest lighting trends, the best place to visit will be the official website of Modern Place. You will find a wide variety of contemporary designs that are not only interesting but also reasonably priced.

Get the Best Male Chastity Devices Online

There are websites which have overwhelming choices of chastity devices and all one would need to know is to differentiate each and order the one that will suit them the best! Using these devices is a very personal choice and entirely depends on how comfortable a person is with the various makes or sizes or even different types. Although just reading and looking up online will help you decide on which ones will suit you the best. There are several websites filled with information and websites like http://lockthecock.com help you pick the ones that will be best.

Hygiene Factor: Although there are a plethora of choices, one should always choose the ones that will be best put to use and where you could also maintain a basic hygiene you and your partner will appreciate. Not all devices let you maintain a basic hygiene. Another aspect which might peek your interest is how different variations are available depending on whether or not you are circumcised or not. Although there is not much difference in the making of it, there redesigns which cover for both the types and some devices could be explicitly used by both the types of men as well. There are a variety of these devices designed for women as well.

Silicone or Rubber – There are a variety of devices and one prominent difference is the make. There are people who beeline for the metal ones because of the robustness they provide while there are some who simply prefer a silicone one. There are also devices made of rubber and even genuine leather each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Also what works for a person never works well for the other and it is important to read a lot of reviews and then choose one product.

Top Custom T-Shirt Colours

Custom T-shirts are an attractive and direct way of getting your brand and logo the needed attention wherever you may go. These are a great, easy, and cost-effective way of promoting your brand. There are websites that can customize your Teesnow or offer a logo builder and design templates to help you arrive at the exact right design you are looking for.

Create an opportunity to market and build a brand image through a simple custom t-shirt. It is not just the name or the logo and design that you can customize, there are several choices for today’s clients to choose an exclusive design, the fit, the fabric mix, the clothing type (sweatshirts, custom hoodies, sweatpants etc.,), and the colours as well.

The best custom t-shirt colours are those which are pleasant on the eye and present the brand and logo in a very attractive eye-catching way. It is important to know how you can choose the best ink colours for your tees now.

  • Computer screens have filters which make the colours appear more appealing and vibrant. Keep this in mind and choose a colour contrast that will look very attractive in real too.
  • When you’re using pastel or lighter shades, design them with tiny bursts of darker colours to make them visually catchy even from a distance.
  • The same goes for darker shaded t-shirts which amplify the attractiveness of a logo or design that is done in lighter shades.

The idea is to make your t-shirt and logo appear unique and attractive. So, be sure of the colour contrast. For example, a grey logo on an indigo shirt may look attractive on screen, but may not hold the same appeal when you print them out. So, its always better to have a sample Tee and then go in for a bulk order once you see the results for real.


Buying someone a gift obviously requires some homework. And if you though buying a designer watch would be comparatively simpler, you might want to think again. Buying a watch has many components like the settings, the style, colours, brand and the person in question needs to actually like and use these components.

But if you know someone personally and are keen on buying a designer watch, check out a few simple tips that will go a long way in getting you the perfect one.

Observe the kind of settings the person in question wears before:

Watches come in different settings and people are comfortable with different choices. Watches are available in settings like casual, dressy, fashionable, sports watch etc. Choose the one that matches the user’s lifestyle.

Choosing the color of the watch

Buy a gift that goes in sync with the overall ensemble of the person. So if the person in question usually steps out in black, then a white watch might not do the trick. Observe the kind of watches the person usually wears and shop accordingly.

The watch must balance the style of the person

This is not a ground rule per se, but a petite person usually looks better with smaller dials and thinner straps. Whereas a robust person can carry of a big dial and straps, even taller women look smart wearing watches from the men’s collection.

Keep your budget in mind at all times

We all know that when buying a gift for a loved one, money must not be priority, but again watches are available in one of the widest price range possible. Keep a budget in mind and stick to it. If in case you absolutely love a watch that is beyond your budget, you can consider looking into the used section. I would recommend buying an affordable used Rolex here.

Never ever buy fakes

This is a huge no! If you cannot afford, you can try the used section or even a lower brand. But falling trap for fakes is a huge fashion mistake.

A Reflection On The Greatest Fashion Trends For Men In 2017

Fashion is constant, but what is in trend now will not be the trend tomorrow. Such is the fashion industry. People like change and they like to flaunt their style these days. They are not worried about what is right and what the wrong way to dress is. Be it for a party or the work place, you are bound to see people dressed differently.

It is not just the women anymore; men are fashion conscious and are keen on experimenting and showing their sense of style too. With 2017 coming to an end, the men’s fashion industry is bound to get something new for 2018.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest fashion trends in 2017:


When we say fashion, the first thing anyone thinks of is the clothes. In the men’s section, we saw prints dominating the colors.

Vertical stripes were seen in casual shirts, shorts and trousers. This print has always been in vogue and will never go out of style. Why? Simply because it makes any man look tall, stylish and classy instantly.

The V neck sweatshirt was long forgotten and was brought back to life in 2017.  Though considered a classic for the men, it was overshadowed by the round necks. This year saw the V neck take a more angular avatar and returning more stylish than ever.


Men carry bags too. Though they may not be able to flaunt the colors and prints a woman can, they have their sturdy, stylish and classy pieces. One such item was the briefcase. This item made a comeback, being a practical and smart solution for a man’s work needs. Leather briefcases are very classy and they can make a style statement when you walk into office.

Though one used to prefer the multipurpose suitcase bags that could be hung across their body, this classic piece made a big comeback and is expected to stay for a while.

The denture cleaning process

Cleaning the dentures is as important as cleaning your teeth, if not more. The process of cleaning is very different. You have to thoroughly understand the cleaning processes if you want to know how to keep your dentures clean. If you are not careful, you could seriously injure not just the denture, but your health as well. Putting back badly washed dentures into the mouth can only be trouble. Chemical remains when swallowed could cause more than just an upset stomach.

When you wear dentures in your mouth, a biofilm similar to dental plaque is formed. This hardens and becomes mineralized like dental calculus. This has to be removed properly with the help of denture cleaners. It is not just the cleaner but the process of cleaning also that has to be good. The cleaner removes the stain and various other debris that is left because of bad diet, coffee and tea, tobacco, etc.

While shopping for denture cleaners, it is prudent to take a look at the ingredients. Take a look at the number of chemicals in the mix along with side effects if any. You should look for a cleaner that has the seal of the dental association of your state. The seal of approval means that the product has been studied and verified by experts who have the authority as well.

Dentures do not come in cheap. They have to be of the best quality and must fit in your mouth without causing injury to the gums. The cleaning of these dentures is what will matter because it has a direct impact on the quality of the dentures. Shop for cleaners that are soft on the material yet strong enough to get rid of the plaque and stain. Cleaning must rate high on your priority list. A lot depends on it.

Animal Obsessed: The Best Apparel and Gifts for a Cat Lover

Make this festive season special for your friends by doing something really thoughtful and endearing by giving a gift that is truly special for your friend. No spooling, it takes only a bit of organization and planning. Express your creativity and go in for handmade, personalized products.

So, if this buddy of yours happens to be an Ailurophile, cat lovers as they are commonly called, then this is the best site to buy cat themed clothes, and this is when you want to take the safe apparel gifting option. If you are not looking at clothes and apparels then are plenty of other comfortable gifting options as well that you can settle for.

Here are a few clothing and other gifting ideas for your cat lover buddy.

  • Cat-themed tees, cat-print leggings and scarves are cool gifts and are now available easily. You can personalize these clothing options further by embroidering or painting your buddy’s name and her cat’s name onto the clothes.
  • There are beautiful cat themed smartphone cases available in the market now. Choose a special one to bring Christmas cheer to your friend or loved ones.
  • There are catty headphones, study mugs, cat themed slippers etc., which are quite unique and add a lot of colour.
  • If you cat lover buddy is a kitchen aficionado and loves to host then there are cat themed wine glasses and cute measuring cups, coffee mugs and coasters which can only bring about a lot of warmth and cheer.

Our suggestion to you would be to explore different options and put in that little extra effort to budget well and buy your cat loving friends something that will make them go all happy, and cuddly. After all, that’s what this festive season is all about – spreading warmth and joy!

Guitar for a Beginner: Electric or Acoustic?

If you are planning to learn to play a guitar, it is best if you do not procrastinate and follow your instincts in fuelling your passion. Learning an instrument could be done only when you have an urge that will not let you stop and when you have fallen in love with the instrument. When you have the both, it is easier to learn guitar. The next difficult thing apart from identifying your passion is choosing the right guitar. This could be a little overwhelming if you visit a store without knowing what to buy and that is when you could take help from experts marshall jvm205h!

You could visit the store and try out your hand on different types of guitars. There are myths in this line that every guitar player must learn to ignore. Not all acoustic guitars are difficult to play and not all electric guitars are easier to play. The both above mentioned points do not hold true in all cases. Acoustic guitars are the best bet in some hands. You need to try them before you buy to ensure you will be comfortable handling them. It could be easier for you to play on an acoustic guitar if it works for you.

For some starters, electric guitars become the best bet! There is a common myth that playing an electric guitar is easier than an acoustic guitar. But this case cannot be generalized. Not all musicians find electric guitars comfortable. Even some renowned players have frequent jamming sessions and play for bands might find electric guitars a bit intimidating at times. It entirely depends on your personal preference and might be completely different for you. It is therefore important to try every type of guitar before you plan to invest.

How I Got the Best Shopping Deals?

Being an avid shopper myself, I always keep looking for discount coupons and attractive shopping offers to indulge in retail therapy every now and then. When the online shopping bug bit me, I found that with a little practical knowledge and a keen eye, it was possible to save money on every purchase that I make.

The  كوبون خصم سوق كوم  are a good way to get some great shopping deals. There are many retail brands which come up with fantastic sites that tempt shoppers to search, add their favourites to the shopping cart and check-out before pausing to lookout for a discount coupon or a money saving code.

My tip #1 for giving-in to your temptation in a smart way is to first look for a coupon code and a promo code even before you commence shopping on your favourite retail brand’s site. These codes can definitely save you money or offer attractive deals.

Tip #2: the retailer may offer some promo codes and discounts. Check if these are active online and avail of them. Sometimes these codes may not be active and shoppers often need to go offsite to secure an active code to be able to avail the latest discounts. So, check the code’s veracity and then decide.

Tip #3: Online coupon hunting maybe more effective and easier than looking for coupon clippings. However, it is necessary to check whether the dates and the offers displayed are valid and active. It is best to put the search engines to their best use and look for specific codes for your category of shopping rather than going for generalized ‘promo code’ offers, which may or may not work.

Tip #4: It is best to use automated shopping tools apart from the promo codes you’re offered to get the best shopping deals. When looking for automated shopping tools, do look for those which is best suited for your shopping requirements. Use only one shopping tool at a time to avoid complications and deactivation of codes.

I hope the above tips prove useful and you have a great shopping experience.