A Beginner’s Guide to Running Gear and Equipment

There is no other form of exercise which requires anything lesser than what is required for running!

I had put on pounds of weight on my mid ridge and buttocks and I had no great idea how I was going to get it off. I was so hopelessly down when I read an article on this fantastic website called ApexHealth which broke down the myth about walking and running.

Apparently, I was housing too many myths about running:

I always thought that running was not for people who were heavy. It put a lot of pressure on their knees and ankles. It turns out that I could not be the farthest from the mark.

The expert on the website broke down all my myths with logic and reasoning and so well that I have begun running and am already on my way to reach the first milestone of my fitness journey.

I am not very athletic:

This explains why I took a long time to get started on to fitness. Also, the ignorance is a great impediment to enlightenment.

For instance, I did not simply know what kind of gear or starting kit I was supposed to be sporting to run over plain distances. I began slowly and I was wary of a foot condition called the plantar fasciitis which was a result of my overweight.

The condition made it difficult for me to stand for too long or work on my feet for prolonged hours.

The first thing I got myself was a comfortable running shoe and I also made sure I got running socks. They were ankle length and cushiony.

In addition, I also got arch and sole pads in the shoes and an extra pair of insole to cushion my bad foot.

I was ready to claim the track. Do check out the website; it will help you understand health and fitness and holistic wellness objectively.