Little Spenders: How Today’s Children Spend Their Pocket Money

The little spenders look to spend money on things that interest them. Here is the list of things that are most popular among the little spenders.

Lego kits

Many of them spend the maximum amount of their pocket money on the lego kits. These are fun kits to build a number of things as per one’s imagination.


Children spend a part of their pocket money to go outside. Be it movies, pajama parties, or eating out with friends. Children spend a part of the pocket money on these.


Children love to collect stickers, cars, and small vehicles etc. This is also something that children spend on. There are chocolates that give them these collectibles for free and children spend on these chocolates to collect these goodies.

Craft Kits

The children who love art and craft activities spend their pocket money on the craft kits. They make beautiful crafts with these kits and decorate their rooms. This is something that those with interest in craft and art spend on.


Children who are a little older spend money on dresses. They save money and buy nice cute dresses for themselves. It could also be dressed for any event at school or just for a party with friends.


The girl children spend a part of their pocket money on cosmetics. They want to try out many cosmetics like eyeliners, lipsticks etc. They spend a portion of their money on cosmetics. Nail polishes are a major attraction for the girls.

Gifting others

Children of a little older age like to gift their friend and buddies. They spend their pocket money on buying gifts for their friends on their birthdays or on friendships day.

There are many other things on which children spend their money based on their area of interest. Get the complete list on Doodlebuckets.