1.Things Your Puppy Must Have

Bringing a new dog home? Then you will surely be in the hunt for dog’s things and accessories for your dog. There are many things that you need to get yourself prepared before you get your dog home. Here are few important things to be considered.

  • Crate or house: Like humans, it is better to have a separate house for your dogs. At times you may feel that your dog has to be in its place to take care of your work. For example, when you have guests who do not like pets or if you have work at the kitchen, then you can very well leave them in their crate to continue your job.
  • Bed: Of course, dogs need peaceful sleep like humans. I got my brothers dog a hondenmand for his birthday. He loved it so much and he had good sleep ever since I gifted it to him.
  • Quality Food: Research well on pet food, consult your pet doctor and have good quality food ready for your dog.
  • Food Bowl:  Dog’s do not know to eat properly unless they are properly trained. Serve them food only in their food bowls. Let them learn to eat from the bowl.
  • Water Bowl: Provide them fresh water and keep ensure that the bowl is germ-free and cleaned frequently.
  • Identification Tags: These are not just to give a title to your dog. These tags must have owner’s  information engraved on it so that it is easier to find them.
  • Collar: Nylon and plastic collars are dangerous. Buy a leather collar with buckle and hang the identification tag in it so that lost pets can be easily tracked.
  • Leash: Leash is important when you take him for a walk or whenever you feel that he has to be under your control.
  • Chews and Toys: Obviously, dogs at times get bored. Let him have some toys to play with and some chews to keep him busy.

So, get ready with all the above things and welcome your lovely pet home.