How To Keep Your Child Entertained For Longer

When you have a child, your world revolves around them. They seem to take up almost all of your time. your entire day, all your plans are all made around their nap time, feeding time, play time, play dates, etc.

Though it sounds to hear, it is practically not very feasible. No matter what new game you come up with, it keeps your child occupied only for a few minutes. They tend to get bored of it within minutes.

Keep Them Occupied Longer

Here are some ways to keep them entertained for a longer period of time

Outdoor Play

Playing outdoors is very important for a child. They need the sun and the fresh air. in order to keep them outdoor longer, you can:

  • Create a nice sand box for them to sit in and play. They can take their trucks, toys, dolls, etc and pretend play outside.
  • Get them a nice swing they can enjoy when it is not too hot. My husband bought our son a baby swing here. It keeps him busy for a good 10 minutes, before he realizes he has been with one toy for too long.
  • Build them a tree house if you have a good old tree and sufficient space. This can be their own pretend world
  • Inflatable pools are a great option to keep the kids occupied for hours on end. However, an adult has to be close by at all times as secondary drowning is a big risk.


When indoors, you can do the following to keep them busy, without having to spend too much:

  • Get them a tent and tell them it is their house and they can play any pretend games with their toys inside. If they have a sibling, both can play inside.
  • Give them different pulses mixed together in a bowl and ask them to sort it out based on color or size. Give them smaller bowls to put the sorted pulses in. This will keep them well occupied.