Tips to pick the right harness for your dog

When you are buying a dog harness simply walking into a store and picking one would not work. The type of harness you choose and the size would depend on the age and the breed of your canine friend as well.

Before getting into the details of how to pick a harness, are harnesses really important? Do not even doubt about the usefulness of a dog harness. To take your dog out for his walks, for training and for lots of other reasons a dog harness is pretty essential. These would be safer and more convenient for smaller breeds and puppies than collars as these would not put pressure on the dog’s neck.

  1. Choose the right size:

Understand the size of the harness to find one that perfectly fits your pup. You would not want something too loose or too tight. Check the height, girth and length of the harness.

  1. Pick a convenient material:

Harnesses made of leather, nylon and other synthetic materials are available. Each material has its own benefits. Leather variants are slightly more expensive. But for larger dogs this would be a safer option as the nylon ones might not always be strong. For example, for service dogs you might need a strong harness made of a durable material. You can find a service dog harness over here.

  1. Try out the fit:

Harnesses come in standard size options. But dogs of the same breed and same age might sometimes differ in their build. So it would be a better option to try out the harness before buying one.

  1. Custom harnesses are the best you can get:

There are universal dog harnesses available. But depending on the climate in the place you reside and the actual measurements of your pooch it would be a more convenient option to choose a customized harness.