Buying someone a gift obviously requires some homework. And if you though buying a designer watch would be comparatively simpler, you might want to think again. Buying a watch has many components like the settings, the style, colours, brand and the person in question needs to actually like and use these components.

But if you know someone personally and are keen on buying a designer watch, check out a few simple tips that will go a long way in getting you the perfect one.

Observe the kind of settings the person in question wears before:

Watches come in different settings and people are comfortable with different choices. Watches are available in settings like casual, dressy, fashionable, sports watch etc. Choose the one that matches the user’s lifestyle.

Choosing the color of the watch

Buy a gift that goes in sync with the overall ensemble of the person. So if the person in question usually steps out in black, then a white watch might not do the trick. Observe the kind of watches the person usually wears and shop accordingly.

The watch must balance the style of the person

This is not a ground rule per se, but a petite person usually looks better with smaller dials and thinner straps. Whereas a robust person can carry of a big dial and straps, even taller women look smart wearing watches from the men’s collection.

Keep your budget in mind at all times

We all know that when buying a gift for a loved one, money must not be priority, but again watches are available in one of the widest price range possible. Keep a budget in mind and stick to it. If in case you absolutely love a watch that is beyond your budget, you can consider looking into the used section. I would recommend buying an affordable used Rolex here.

Never ever buy fakes

This is a huge no! If you cannot afford, you can try the used section or even a lower brand. But falling trap for fakes is a huge fashion mistake.